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Cyber Security

Every business is a target and our clients face an ongoing and permenant threat to their business, data and critical infrastructure via a mutitude of threats and attacks.

Tech Source understands the importance of our clients ever increasing need to secure and safeguard not only their I.T infrastructure but to also to create, deploy and maintain an impenetrable an ongoing strategy built with the correct tools, staff education, testing and updates.

We have an end to end portfolio of services built to keep our clients secure from all angles.

  • Key Partnerships with Gartner Leading / Tier 1 Hardware & Security Vendors 

  • A Full Suite of Security Testing Services including Full Red Team Asessments

  • Cyber Security as a Service 

  • A Comprehensive Suite of Onsite and Web Based Staff Awareness Training.

  • GDPR Compliance Assistance 

  • GDPR Readiness Assessment

  • Phishing Mitigation Services 

  • Cyber Security Professional Services  

  • Cyber Essentials Capability



If you would like us to engage with any of our security vendors on your behalf, trial hardware appliances free of charge or discuss any other security requirement we are more than happy to provide free, unbiased and agnostic advice, assistance, consultation and full project scoping on demand .


Call Us - 01604 936027

Tech Source I.T Solutions Ltd  | 1 Talavera Court |  Darnell Way  |  Northampton  |  NN3 6RW

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