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Hardware Supply

The day to day, business as usual requirements of our clients are diverse and cover a mulitude of technologies, hardware, peripherals and software items that are essential to day to day operation.


Tech Source can ensure that both the business and its employees are always equipped with  the right tools for the right job, all delivered wherever and whenever your business requires them.

Tech Source Supply offers - 

  • Access to over 10,000 I.T hardware items available for next day delivery. 

  • Full access to all major software vendors, products and licensing programmes.

  • Direct pre-sales access to senior vendor engineers. 

  • Free of charge demonstration hardware available for key manufacturers & products.

  • Trade in schemes to reduce cost of new hardware acquisition and lower cost of ownership.

  • Flexible payment and leasing options to suite both capex & opex requirements including device as a service (DAAS)

  • Access to top tier discount structures for all key vendors.  

  • A full portfolio of professional engineering services for installation

On top of simple supply Tech Source work closely with our clients to look at effective ways to reduce cost of ownership and simplify your procurement processes, we can image devices on demand, set up new starter bundles and keep them on retention for you, look at alternative products, analyse your core items to leverage cost and introduce savings; all to deliver increased value and service as a your chosen I.T supplier. 

Call Tech Source today to discuss any hardware requirements or to arrange demo equipment, we are more than happy to provide free, unbiased advice, assistance, consultation and full project scoping on demand.

Call Us - 01604 936027

Tech Source I.T Solutions Ltd  | 1 Talavera Court |  Darnell Way  |  Northampton  |  NN3 6RW

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